February 26, 2011

other things you could be doing with your time spent on Facebook.

you could:

Spend real time socializing with people who is really in your life.


it is sad to see people can't get enough of it, while actually they live with real people around them.
people eats, with another hand operates on their profile. or other people's profile.
we expect photos to be uploaded, and to be commented. while actually what we should do is to treasure the memory.

have we ever thought, that do the people in the social-networking list really care?
like really.
are they going to be the first hand to offer to help whenever we're in the hardship.?, or they are just going to be the first person to click 'LIKE' on our so-called status expression of that hardship.?

my say:
1,2years ago i used to share most of myself on facebook. and then i just realized i was not so into it.
okay. maybe i'm those conservative who prefer the traditional way.
mail me a letter. give me a call. meet me at a cafe. :')

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