May 10, 2011

i call it.. "10 days, 10 things."

day two : 10 things I love
day three : 10 things I hate
day four : 10 things I want to say to one person
day five : 10 wishes
day six : 10 items I can’t live without
day seven : 10 important people
day eight : 10 of my favourite songs
day nine : 10 ways to win my heart
day ten : 10 final words for this challenge

as i read loads of blog, i found one entry that is good to be shared. sometimes you might think that you are introducing yourself to others, yet you're learning more about yourself.
say "hi" to your own self lah.
and another way to keep yourself busierrrr for 10 more days.
and also alternative way to keep your blog up to the beat for 10 days.
what ever it is, and how you're going to project each entry.. it's your call. :)

i want to kill my time so im definitely on this.
start tomorrow.
haha see nak tulis pun malaih apa la. :p

if you do interested in posting this, let me know. i want to read 'you'.

note: kalau sebut 10 things je mesti ingat movie 10 Things I Hate About You. gigih menghafal poem dalam movie ni masa zaman sekolah. :D

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