September 29, 2010

Relationship Issue : you share everything with your partner, don't you?

dalam relationship ni ada macam-macam cara untuk handle.
ada orang share everything, ada orang share few things, ada orang yang tak mau share apa-apa. err ada ke yang macam tu?

you don't keep secret from your partner. this may apply to most of people, i guess.
but... there's a possibility that there would be something that you feel at ease to share with good friend, sister, brother.. but not or other-half.

just wondering,

korang ade ke benda2 yang di share dengan orang laen, but not him/her? what is it, and why?


korang memang rasa everything you would share with him? the example is, and why?

i really would like to hear some thoughts here.. so sape yang rasa dia ingin comment secara anonymous pon oke, it's your preference. cuma nak dengar prespective je. :)


arin said...

ada benda malas nak dicerita. tak semua di cerita.


coz ada benda kita susah nak luahkan/cerita pd partner kita. mungkin dia mampu mendengar tapi tidak mampu membantu menyelesaikan. so, what's the point ? (untuk kak arin la ) .


The Unconscious said...

sometimes we dont tell the other half because we are afraid he or she might judge us or change their perception. Sometimes we dont share cause he or she might not be able to help or you feel its not worthwhile. Sometimes u choose to share with someone else because ur other half wouldnt understand probably because he or she is the opposite sex and u'd tend to refer to your best friend or so...

sometimes its best not to share everything and just keep it inside. Save a lot of trouble too at times :D

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I'm anonymous :D