April 19, 2011

assignment yang tak dapat markah.

Ouh sexxayy!! *seize the day!*

Do you have any dirty pictures on your cellphone?
-- define dirty please.... mn tau kot2 aku rs itu mild sajork. haha!

What were your first thought this morning?
-- nak pakai baju apa??

Are you a jealous person?
-- kalu ko worth untuk aku rs jelous.

Would you ever get a tattoo?
-- tak mau ah.

Who was the last person you watched a movie with?
-- kapt. tarzan. cun!!

Day been rough?
-- nope.. dedicate lagu Lazy Song untuk diri sendiri!

What was the last thing you did before you went to bed?
-- talked on the phone.

What are you listening to?
-- I'm the lucky one, anuar zain. next i whip my hair back and forth.!

Do you think you and your best friend will be friends in 10 yrs?
-- yeah. aku sayang ko.

When was the last time you were extremely disappointed?
-- ntah, tak ingat. benda tak best aku tak ske ingat.

Last time you had pizza?
-- in february.?

When is the last time you cried?
-- last week when i thought of late mummy..

Do you like your music loud or at a reasonable level?
-- loud kot!

Who was the last person to call you?
-- s-i-l saya...

Are you a forgiving person?
-- yes. but skali ko da buat, 10 thn pon aku ingat.

Are you friends with someone who lies about the stupidest stuff ever?
-- ntahla eh, da nama pon tipu, takkan aku tau pulak kot??

Is your current hair color mostly your natural hair color?
-- yea. rasa macam nak dye milk tea brown tapi tapi tapi... he he he.

Do you wish you can tell someone something big, but cant?
-- lalalalalala~~~ what ever.~

Is anyone on your bad side?
-- ko rasa aku akan bgtau ko ke??

Do you remember what you were like a year ago?
-- yeah. aku muda setahun.

Have you ever liked someone way older than you?
-- tak penah, aku often stuck with someone younger. pelik. adakah aku nampak muda?? ceh2!! tett. next.!

Do you have plans for this weekend?
-- yea bergerak jauhhh nun ke sana..woot..woot..

Are you happy?
-- how about you? mesti tengah tak happy kan? sebab tu tanya aku soalan ni.

Connection between you and the last person who messaged you?
-- future son inlaw bapak aku.

In the last 24 hrs have you done anything you regret?
-- tido banyak. tapi tetap tak cukup tido. erm. (-_-")

Has anyone ever spelled your name wrong?
-- MOST OF THE TIME. AND AKU BENCI GILA! so baca baek2 nama aku yg cun ni;

*** FARIHAN *** bukan farihah, bukan farahin, bukan farhan.

Do you want to see somebody right now?
-- all beloved ones..

Who do you call when your having a bad day?
-- nurizdihar. diha.. diha..
weh sayang kalu ko laki mesti aku kawen ko! haha! next.......

Has anyone told you they would never leave and left?
-- tadok.
"wud u ever leave me?.." aku tak penah question ayat ngade2 ni kat org.
ko nk pegi ko punye pasal. kalu lepas tu aku bomb ko jgn tanya la knape.

Whats wrong with you right now?
-- ko la, tanya soklan pelik2. mula la aku rasa ntah apa2.

Do you have someone of the opposite sex you can tell everything to?
-- tadok.

Have you ever slept on the floor with someone you liked?
-- late m-i-l aku. knape tanya soklan yang buat aku jd elmo ni.?? +_+

Have you ever slept in the same bed with the last person you kissed?
-- ok. nice try.

What's something you really want right now?
-- my prayer to be fulfilled. amin.

Is the last person you hugged older than you?
-- ada beza ke?

Have you ever liked someone you didn't expect to?
-- yes.

lamanya tak buat benda alah ni.
rasa macam jadi student balik dapat buat assignment. :D

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