July 26, 2010

Ladies, i need help..~

ada satu soalan, is there any possibility untuk dapatkan attire yg appropriate for special events in short time?
for example dkt bridal boutique, yang new, bukan yg dah d recycle puluhan orang??
kalau nak buy from them terus d attire, agak2 dalam brape?
any blog to b recommended?


Belly-Button said...

im kinda simple n practical person, i dont want something va-va-voom like that, even on the asking ceremony before i've made it simple.
but since we've changed d engagement ceremony on d later date, so i thought of wearing something that represent d event.
and i cud only make time searching when d time is really around d corner.
so for now i really need some opinion..

note: my partner objected d sewa2 baju thingy, sgt tidak mahu my attire on our event d ulang pakai oleh org laen. -_-"

ourLOVEternity said...

ape kate beli jek kain yg sgt murah2 and shantek2 skrg nie kat astona moda or jakel..then hantar tempah utk baju kurung moden yg sgt in dgn fesyen skrg utk org nikah2 n bertunang..lgpun klu beli yg dh siap pun u kene fitting gak bg sesuai dgn badan sendiri..tp better u tempah la...i pun sgt2 setuju dgn ur partner punyer opinion..

MeGa said...

yup, setuju.
carik kaen pastu hantar tempah. lagi puas hati nanti.
klu nk crk ready made, mau kena jelajag stores plak klu x dt yg diingini. kan?