November 18, 2010

Why "normal" isn't a dirty word.

have you ever feeling bored with your work? life? working-life?

Dr. Christ Day, psychologist & author of 52 Secrets of Psychology says that many young women feel that a normal existence isn't good enough. he said that 'normal' is better than being extreme.
for example people with extreme jobs often travel so much, or do not have time to engage with leisure that they lose contact [ample communication] with their families and friends.
People who have extraordinary lives often have to make sacrifices that many of us wouldn't consider worthwhile.

so many of us are considered as 'lucky' then, it is just we are to preoccupied to realize that.
i am not sure how people with extreme job survives their social life,
and how it affects people around them.
however having my own significant-other in armed forces, have given me chances to witness how work could influence our life entirely.
how the military men&ladies wish that they could start working 8am-5pm like other people do, and have the rest of the other time fully to themselves. weekend for themselves. well they hardly get that.
the family and i rarely see him & hear from him. and i believe it goes the same with any other military's partners&families.
that is just one example, there are many extreme jobs out there. so many..

hence, i consider the rest of us the normal workers are lucky.! :)

Feeling bored with your life is normal - but that doesn't mean you're "boring".


note: Basically today it's already a month i've been engaging with this new career. anyway instead of feel not right i should be thankful because not everybody get the chance like i have.
im gonna love love love love love what i do for living.!

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