June 05, 2010

hiatus of thought ~

hello. there are many things that i've missed already.

when i wanna do blog-hopping je mesti time masa yg tak kena.
tak pon hanya mampu jadi silent reader. sekarang ni speechless untuk berkata-kata.

i am now currently unemployed = career commitment free.

and i take charge of the rest. the others.

the gold band charges heavier than it's light weight.

taking it off doesn't skip the charges away..

it still, heavy.

it still, there.

the last 2 months of the teaching moment, i detached my self from other commitment.
due to circumstances.. i did, literally took of the band.
i needed the time to focus on me, and me only. what i want, what i think i want, what i want to kiv.
*of course la bukan wed band. oke kalau orang yg pakai wedding band jgnla pikir nak buat mcm ni pulak, tak bule la.*
to only care of what im having in present.
but yeah taking it off doesn't skip the charges away. you still bound with it, but more relax.
*rasanya once tu mummy perasan the band was in its box masa dia tgh cari something in my room. huhu.*

i inhaled deeply while putting it on, again.
absorbing all the expectation and upcoming.
the good, the bad, the bitter, the sweet.

who says life is easy, by the way? :)

1 comment:

The Unconscious said...

wah...u resigned eh? Why la... tak nak kerja lagi ke....

What you up to now? Hey...life is like a box of chocolates remember :P

Take care