July 11, 2009

"Cheat me once, shame on you; cheat me twice, shame on me."

A man should learn from mistakes.
In case he/she is cheated once, the blame will be on the person who cheats.
But the cheated should learn from the lesson.
If the person who's being cheated-by doesn't learn and gets cheated again,
the blame is squarely on him/her since the person never attempted to learn from past mistakes.

sekian pelajaran untuk hari ini.
terima kaseh murid-murid.


Monkey D Luffy said...

ok lah

aku mengaku aku tipu


The Unconscious said...

who cheated you?

this is very true. very very true. but in the end you know who will be the sore loser? the one who kept believing in the person who kept cheating

Belly-Button said...

hah ngaku cepat!

no one cheat me lah, i mmg ske dat phrase. really true.