October 18, 2009

Boys are like parking spaces, all the good ones are taken.

how true this could be?
hmm... >.<

or just like Flannery O'Connor said,

"a good man is hard to find"

well, talking about why we keep meeting the wrong guy after all......


shasha said...

saya sgt setuju dgn kamu!!

Loyer Lelaki said...

perempuan kena belajar berkongsi parking lot dengan penuh rasa muhibbah

Belly-Button said...

[loyer lelaki]

which mean..??

The Unconscious said...

but sometimes the good man dont always comes in full package like what the others want :)
there are still good man out there. Sometimes you got to look at places you never would expect to be.

Belly-Button said...


where else? im giving up~

The Unconscious said...

ME!!! hahaha.... i dont know. Only way is to go out and see :)

perhaps you could try looking at library or bookshops :P

Belly-Button said...

library???! gimme a break!
hahaha!! dats one freak i'll get there. haha.

oke charlie, u r counted in! lol!