October 19, 2009

how do you escape from ur 'sob3x' moment??

1. some girls go for shopping, as their therapy. oh its really
depend on budget, too.

2. some will do a make over, such a hair-do. they believe they'll go out from the shop with a fresh look, and hope fresh mind/heart, too.

3. some girls would just cry, with friend pat softly on their back. luckily if u have one.

4. some would just sleep, as they try to forget what ever coming around.

so.. what did i do.. like just now?
i got no budget for shopping, and a hair-do. too.
sigh... kemelesetan ekonomi. huhuh.
dis evening's therapy was manicure. oke. d-i-y manicure. give it a try mehh.. u got nothing to lose! it just striked like dat.. on the kfc table, we did ours. ha-ha.

does it helps? to distract from the 'sob3x' feeling??
yea... sort of.....

aku taktau banyak cara utk buat2 lupa perasaan yg sedeyh.
plg benci bila everything is not helping u.

if u were me,
to escape from ur 'sob3x feeling ,

what would u do??


shasha said...

hmm..apa yg saya buat ek...nangis sorang2 dalam bilik sampai lega dan baru keluar jumpa org di luar sambil buat sessi makan2....

The Unconscious said...

Just cry yourself out then go out for a movie or drinks, with friends or alone with latter mostly. Come back home and cry again. cry in the car. cry watching the movie. Just cry. Easier said than done but sometimes you just got to feel really sad and then remember that its not worthwhile any more to be sad. Its your life and you can choose to be sad or happy. Either way you will know if its good or bad for you. Be strong shash.

p/s - lovely fingers you have :P

Belly-Button said...

u do cry, too?? hehe..oke dats new. =P
thanks fer your words....
it just like im crying over a spilt milk. which also for some times i think it is a waste of time but u know wen some other time u really just get urself happy, becoz all those damn memories keep coming.

btw thanks fer d compliment too. lol! i like d color, it made my fingers look healthy. haha. nyway my fen dared me to go fer yellow! we'll see then... =P

The Unconscious said...

duh...Im human la... of course I'll cry. I know what u mean. those damn memories... even worse for me that I have such a strong one that can remember in detail :P
but then after some time...eventually u will forget... not easy but will. Enjoy urself and make urself happy... no point in crying for someone/something that wont shed a tear for you

MeGa said...

saya buat no 4!
tido boleh lupa semuanya!
lagi2 pulak saya memang gemar mengamalkan short-term-memory-lost!

Belly-Button said...


i wish i have short term memory lost!