December 05, 2009

tell me something, please.

If you love someone, set them free.
If they come back they’re yours;
If they don’t, they never were.

tapi sekarang banyak modern version about this letting go.

Optimist person akan kata:

If you love someone,Set him/her free …
Don’t worry, he/she will come back .

Over possessive person pulak akan kata :

If you love someone, don’t you ever set him/her free.

aku tak pernah faham apa yg quote ni nak jelaskan.
berserah pada takdir ke?
hold on ur faith ke?

tolong bagi tau aku apa yg korang faham.


Plain Jane said...

mungkin maksud letting go is when you move on and when your heart finally understands that yesterday remains a yesterday
dan andai kau dapat buat everything kembali kepada keadaan asal pun, perasaan itu tetap takkan sama

haihh, mungkin sebenarnya letting go tu adalah redha kot.

btw, aku pessimistic. ha ha

reen-not-green said...

it means.. do not love someone who doesnt really love you!

it takes 2 hands to hear the clapping..

(pouring a humble opinion- Reen)

Belly-Button said...

hee aku actually xske phrase ni. haha.
ayat2 pasrah.